bottleAbout Fuji Water

Mysterious groundwater and springs

The abundant and high quality groundwater at Mt. Fuji has been used for daily living and agriculture since ancient times by the people who lived nearby. In more recent years.

Freshwater source

It is thought that approximately 2.2 billion tons of rain and snow fall annually at Mt. Fuji. Along with evapotranspiration, that equals almost 4.5 million tons of groundwater are stored each day.

Over a long period of time, water soaks through the ground through the multi-layered lava gaps, becoming clean spring and well water that enriches our lives. Wakutama Pond and Shiraito Falls in Fujinomiya City and Kohama Pond and Kakita River at Mishima Springs are good examples of this.

What is Vandium?


Vanadium was proven to be an essential trace mineral for normal human growth and development.

The main role of Vanadium in human body is:

1-it stimulates glucose (blood sugar) oxidation and inhibits absorption of glucose from the gut and it appears to function like insulin by altering cell membrane function for ion transport processes, therefore Vanadium has an important effect in people  with glucose tolerance problems (i.e. pre diabetes) by making the cell membrane insulin receptors more sensitive to insulin.

2-Vanadium inhibits cholesterol synthesis.

3-Vanadium has inotropic effect and  increase in the contractility forces of heart muscle

4-Vanadium has known ant carcinogenic properties.

Diseases that suspected to associated with Vanadium deficiency include:

Slow growth
Increased infant mortality
Elevated cholesterol
Elevated triglycerides
Cardiovascular disease



The average daily requirements for vanadium is about 6-18 micrograms

Vanadium  found in the  sea water by 0.002 ppm , but not exceed 0.001 ppm in fresh water (i.e. one liter of water containing just one microgram of Vanadium )and so it didn’t meet the minimal   daily requirements  Other t main sources of vanadium is black pepper , dill seeds, and  mushrooms

It is notable  that thespring volcanic waterin  ofMtFujiinJapancontains highconcentration of vanadium , (up  to88Microgram  per liter ) and it is consider ,therefore ,one of the best Vanadium dietary source.


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    • Every palette contain 60 carton
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